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What is The Zone?

The Zone is intangible. It is that ideal – that place – that state of mind – where performing is easy and comfortable, where your actions are efficient and effortless, and when your results are up to or even exceed your previous expectations.

We're all performers...
Actors, musicians, public speakers, dancers, models, sports-people, entertainers, and singers – we’re all performers, and we’re all in the public eye.

We receive training, practise for countless hours, enter the performance environment – whether it be the stage, studio, sports field or catwalk – and sooner or later, for better or for worse, we get affected by the performance situation.

Performance arousal
We experience performance arousal – a phenomenon that can get us into The Zone and improve our level of performance, or cause performance anxiety making us “crash and burn” under the spotlight.

Most of us have experienced both the positive and negative effects of performance arousal but few of us know why or how we can control it – until now...

So what really is performance arousal? How can you better understand it? How can you control your performance arousal and use it to your advantage, instead of letting it control you by turning your legs into jellyfish in the performance arena?

...and answers
With the descriptions of performance arousal, the techniques for controlling it, and The 12 Week Performance Success Programme explained in the book Performing in The Zone, you too can unleash your true performing potential and achieve optimal results in your chosen field of performance.

You too can perform in The Zone!



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