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Table of Contents

Who is this book for?
About this book
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7 Tips for getting the most out of Performing in The Zone


Introduction             What is The Zone?
PART ONE                The Theory
Chapter 1       The alternative performance equation
Chapter 2       What is performance arousal?
Chapter 3       Why do we experience performance arousal anyway?
Chapter 4       How much positive performance arousal do you need?
Chapter 5       Why do you want to perform in The Zone?

PART TWO               The Techniques
Chapter 6       IntroductionGetting into The Zone
Chapter 7       Add Value
Chapter 8       Breathing
Chapter 9       Cue Cards
Chapter 10     Excessive Talk, and Silence
Chapter 11     E=mc2 
Chapter 12     Feign Confidence
Chapter 13     Free Writing
Chapter 14     Get a Coach
Chapter 15     Going Peripheral
Chapter 16     Keep a Balanced Life –
You are more than what you do!
Chapter 17     Keep a Performance Journal
Chapter 18     Laughing Yoga
Chapter 19     Learn to Laugh at Yourself
Chapter 20     Living in The Now
Chapter 21     My Time and Intelligent Time Management
Chapter 22     Posture, Body Language and Movement
Chapter 23     Practise!
Chapter 24     Practising Performing – 5 Steps to Mastery
Chapter 25     Pre-Performance Rituals and Mantras
Chapter 26     Qi Gong – A Soft Style Martial Art
Chapter 27     Role models and Role Play
Chapter 28     Self Talk: Angels and Devils
Chapter 29     Self Talk: Think in the Positive
Chapter 30     Stay Away From Negative People
Chapter 31     Visualisation
Chapter 32     Voice Quality
Chapter 33     Conclusion – Five Favourites

PART THREE          The Programme
Chapter 34     The 12 Week Performance Success Programme
Chapter 35     The 12 Week Performance Success Programme:
Self assessment
Chapter 36     What now?

PART FOUR             Digging Deeper
Chapter 37     The Emotional Handbrake
Chapter 38     Diet and Exercise
Chapter 39     Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Chapter 40     Alexander Technique
Chapter 41     Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Chapter 42     Audio Programmes
Chapter 43     Get a Personal Coach
Chapter 44     Become a Personal Coach
Chapter 45     A Final Thought...



Appendix 1     Performance Arousal:
How The Zone Diagrams Were Derived
Appendix 2     Performance Journal

Bibliography and Suggested Further Reading

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