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The structure of this book

To make Performing in The Zone even more readily accessible, the content of the book has been divided into four main sections.

Part One: The Theory

In Part One you’ll be introduced to The Alternative Performance Equation; and see exactly why we all perform at different levels. The phenomenon known as performance arousal will be introduced and fully explained. You’ll also discover where performance arousal comes from. You’ll come to understand that performance anxiety and excitement are two different manifestations of performance arousal, and see that you need the right amount of positive performance arousal (excitement) for a specific performing situation to achieve an optimal level of performance. Finally in Part One, you’ll have the chance to complete the ‘What, Why, and How’ exercise to create motivation in your journey to optimal performance.

Part Two: The Techniques

This is where the real fun begins. In Part Two you’ll have the chance to read about and experiment with more than 20 tools and techniques specifically designed to help you control your personal performance arousal level, allowing you to achieve optimal performance in your performing situations. You’ll learn about Cue Cards, Role Modelling, Adding Value, how Snap Shots and Intense Positive Visualisation work, and a whole lot more.

Part Three: The Programme

In the programme presented in Part Three, you’ll be guided through 12 weeks of constant improvement and increasing momentum, using a selection of the tools and techniques presented in Part Two. As in any good weight-training programme, you’ll start off with simple exercises, gradually add weights to the bar, and build yourself up gently. At the end of the 12 weeks you’ll have the opportunity to complete a self-assessment exercise, noting which techniques worked best for you. You can then repeat the programme if necessary after modifying, improving, and personalising it using the results from your self-assessment exercise.

Part Four: Digging Deeper

We are of course all different, and respond in varying ways to diverse advice, information, and stimuli. I have endeavoured to take this into account in Performing in The Zone, and have therefore included Part Four: Digging Deeper, which introduces and discusses some alternative sources of advice and help which you may find enlightening along your path to optimal performance. Here you’ll get some basic knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Personal Coaching, and other exciting subjects.

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