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Sports people

Regardless of the sport you play, the internal or mental aspect of your game is at least as important if not more important than the physical.

Your state of mind before and during an event can be the difference between winning and losing.

Being in the right state of mind can help you achieve a personal best, increased confidence, and of course ideal focus.

Why this book?

This book is different. In Performing in The Zone you are introduced to over 20 powerful techniques to help you improve your game, and given a full 12-week Performance Success Programme to help you incorporate these techniques into your regular training schedule and daily life.

In addition, the section of Performing in The Zone entitled Digging Deeper discusses a whole host of alternative sources of help in reaching The Zone, including diet and exercise.

Whether you're a football player, track and field athlete, downhill skier, figure skater, golfer, snooker player, or active in any other sporting field, by reading and applying the information in Performing in The Zone, you too can get optimal results.

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