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As a singer, you are in a very special performing situation - you are, quite literally, your instrument.

To give your most inspired, moving, and natural performances, your mind and body must work together as one.

But if your state of mind isn't ideal for your performing situation, you may feel exposed or naked, or have negative thoughts such as "what happens if they donít like me?", "what happens if my voice doesnít hold up?", and of course "what happens if I forget the words?"

Physical tensions can be built up as a result of these anxieties, and a harmful, viscious circle can be created

It's not only about reducing performance anxiety.

Giving your most amazing performances is not only about reducing performance anxiety - it's about tapping into the energy behind performance anxiety and transforming it into a positive force.

By doing this, your singing on stage can be even better than your singing in the practise room - whether youíre an opera singer, musical theater artist, country & western singer, or 'American Idol' contestant.

Particularly relevant for auditions and other high-pressure performance situations, the techniques described in Performing in The Zone are specifically designed to allow your body and mind to work together as one - so that you can perform to your true potential.

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