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Whether you’re a beginner, student, amateur, or professional - whether you play classical, jazz, rock, folk, or anything else - your mind and body have to work unhindered in order for you to give your most convincing, inspired performances.

Most of us spend years (and often large sums of money) on tuition, and many hundreds or even thousands of hours practising, to obtain technical fluency and musical mastery in our chosen instrument or instruments. In the practise room, with the right guidance, teaching, and dedication, we improve.

However when it comes to performing situations, if you’re like the majority of musicians, you’ve been taught few (if any) real tools to help you get into the right state of mind before or during performances. You’re often just expected to 'know' how to perform in high pressure situations - and this is where problems can start.

Reducing performance anxiety is not the full story!

The real secret is to learn how to harness and focus the energy behind performance anxiety, and transform it into a positive force when performing in any performing situation.

Performing in The Zone describes the processes going on inside of your body and mind before and during performances, and gives you over 20 effective tools and techniques to help you transform negative energy into positive, so that you can feel comfortable, confident, and in control.

Whether your next performance is a concert, a recording, an examination, or an audition, by reading and applying the tools and techniques in Performing in The Zone, you too can unleash your true performing potential!

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